Monday, 9 August 2010

Complains. .

Zhu: Cant stand the lift upgrading projects.. Coz i cant nap, due to the noise.. Also i have to be alert & guard the hse from those strangers.. What if they try to come in & grab my food away.. Worse, what if i'm their cup of tea & they grab me away..

Bao: Pls lahz, i'm cuter than you.. If they want to grab also grab me lohz..

Zhu: .... I'm fatter than you..

Bao: Everyone knows that..

Zhu: Can you let me blog finish before you butt in?! What i meant by i'm their cup of tea, isnt about how cute i m, but how delicious i look to them.. Some of the people do eat our kind k.. Do you get what i mean? And all this time, you slept like a pig..

Bao: Oh.. Sorry.. Like that i'm a bit worry, but i still can have my nap as usual..

Zhu: Y is that so?

Bao: Being next to you, i'm a lot safer.. I may look fat, but i'm actually slim, due to my double coat & fur.. So i have less meat.. If they want to grab they will choose you for sure.. Lol! Haha..

Zhu: -.-"

Woofing for Mummy.. Zhu growls at Bao..

Monday, 12 July 2010

It's been a while..

It's been so long since i last updated the blog.

Quick updates...

Zhu : Mummy got a new job at Marina Bay Sands, working as a cage cashier.. Daddy got a new job at G-Mask.. BaoBao gain weight and is even more closer to mummy & daddy.. Me, as usual maintain the same weight & has been bullying BaoBao..

Mummy : Been busy going thru' the training for the new job since feb till april.. Now trying to adjust to the shift work timing. There are so many SOP ( standard operation procedures ) to follow and not as easy as the job title sounds. Really learnt tons of stuffs.. Now is like routine to me, wake up, go work, come home, hse chores, slp.. Very little time to accompany my family, due to the shift work & my off days are on weekdays when my hubby is working.. So kinda hard to bring my gals out like before..

Friday, 8 January 2010

New Year New Us. . .

Happy New Year !

Very long time no update.. *Blush* Really sorry..

Mainly updated by Me aka Zhu & Bao 's Mummy. .

New Year, new us, hopefully..

I didnt lose weight as i had hope i will in 2009.. But the good news is that i maintain my weight thru'out the year.. Got a new hairstyle for the upcoming chinese new year.. For the new year resloutions, i will update once i got back from the rest of the family..

Just the other day went to get some treats at Vivo city, as there's a new bakery there.. Treats are very appreciated by my gals.. hubby may be going down later today to get some more biscuits & other treats for them..

Rec'd a letter from AVA asking me to register Bao Bao.. Had to arrange some time to go down coz i'm a person who like to get the official letter asap when i can.

My 2 gals are sleeping right now, while hubby is watching TV.. By the way, i'm most likely going to change job. New job has more salary than now.. So can help ease us financially, can pay off the hbd loan faster..

Going to go to bangkok later this month.. Shopping time for the 2 gals' stuffs.. Haha.. Hubby says though we are the ones going overseas, mostly stuffs bought back are for our gals.. Just the other day, he asks me which luggage bag to bring, so can put more stuffs that we are going to buy for them..

Make arrangement for my sister aka their aunty to take care of them while we go overseas..

Chinese new year just 1 more month to go.. So many stuffs not yet done.. Just threw away 2 garbage bags of stuffs.. Think we are going to throw another garbage bag, once we are sorting out our store room.. Just thinking of the spring cleaning, makes me so nervous..

I guess, i better end for now.. Gotta do some housechores before going to bed.. Ta-daa...

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Mummy's back

Zhu: Mummy went on a trip with grandma & grandpa for more than a week.. Really miss her.. But.. Finally she is back.. Lucky mummy got anticipate abt our warm welcome, especially mine.. Haha.. =P Once she walk thru the door, i jump on her so hard tat she stumbles backward a bit.. Gave her lots of licking.. Just hate it when i had to share her with mei mei..

Bao: You still dare to say.. I only can run in circle ard mummy like she is a tree.. Mummy also miss me, not only you..

Zhu: Talk so much.. Even when mummy calls back from overseas, she talk to you, you still continue our beauty sleep, not even excited to hear her voice.. Unlike me, at least i try to talk to mummy..

Bao: It's not.. It's just that i duno whether mummy can hear me thru tat phone.. If i dun miss her, i wont be so excited to run in circle ard her when you were hugging and licking her.. Hmmph..

Mummy: Ok.. Ok.. Stop quarreling.. Mummy knows that you both miss me as much as i miss you.. Heard from daddy that both of you eat less and lying on the bed almost the whole day to pass time when i were overseas.. Makes me so worry.. Came back saw a big panda, my hubby.. For the gals, i cant see coz their furs are black.. But guess, the gals also never really had been sleeping well, coz fell alseep faster than usual by my sides.. For this few days, they had been following me ard the hse, so afraid that i leave the hse and not come home on the same day.. I only can say that i'm very xin fu.. Very fortunate to have 3 of them by my side.. Thanks to Lerrick, that we get to stay in contact again.. Thanks to JJ & her frens, to have brought Zhu into our family.. Thanks to Mel & her frens for bringing Bao to our family.. Also thanks to all those who help us in one way or another to get Bao back when she got lost in BG..

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Updates. . .

Zhu: Hi peeps! Long time no blog. Just some updates from us. Mei, why dun you tell us how you had cope in this 2months. *Grinning*

Bao: K. I will keep it short & simple then. I have less nightmares, back to myself or rather become more devilish.. Hehe.. Let's see, lost count how many times i miss the pee tray on purpose for my pee & poo.. At least 5times of tearing up newspapers which was on the coffee table.. Bite thru 2pairs of socks and wet 3pairs of socks with my salivia.. Destroy 2pairs of mummy's shoes.. Torn up my own baby bolster which i got my home returning, just wanted to get another new one.. Can say i get tired with my toys very fast.. Mummy's fingers are like cocktail sausages *oops* , so been sort of nimbling on them, doesnt matter if muumy is awake or asleep.. But if i forgot was mummy's fingers and bite too hard, i will know coz mummy will say ouch or woke up and ask if i'm hungry.. Heez.. I think that's all then..

Zhu: For the record, dun will even think of getting the doraemon bolster from me.. It's mine and you destroy your own.. Some time really pity mummy.. Coz she tends to be the more lenient one compared to daddy.. The most she will do is scold us and forgive us once we gave her a 'i-m-very-sorry' look.. So mei, you must stop bullying mummy k..

Bao: Jie, you still dare to ask me stop bullying her.. This few nights, you have been sneaking up and sleep on top of mummy's chest once she fell asleep.. Causing mummy to wake up in the middle of the night breathless.. At least learn to be like me mahz, sleep on top of both her legs.. All mummy will get is legs numb only mahz..

Both end up squabbling as usual.. Growling and whining and jumping all over the place..

Mummy: Haiz.. Even hubby questions why both of them always like to bully me.. Maybe i should be more fierce when they did wrong.. Hmmm.. Anyway, they are just so predictable.. What worrys me now is Zhu.. Reduce her food & treats but she still not losing some weight.. She is starting to show some problem when she jumps up to bed and getting down.. Been thinking if she still doesnt lose some weight, guess have to get a ramp for her.. Doesnt want her to hurt her legs & hip.. Bao is of less worry coz she is active, gaining towards a healthy weight and just being her usual self..

Thursday, 2 July 2009

First Time

Zhu Zhu & Bao Bao : Alright, peeps.. Today will be our turn to post online together for the first time after Bao Bao's safe return home from Botanic Garden..

A quick update by us.. Let's see.. Mummy came down with flu abt a week ago.. She didnt went to the doctor until yesterday.. Coz she took panadol cold for 5 days le, did get a little better but still having flu.. Family doctor gave mummy medicine for her flu, headache and slight fever..

Daddy may have got the flu bug.. He had an asthma attack and had to be hospitalised late last night.. Mummy took Daddy to the hospital ard 12.30am and came home ard 5am..

To say we miss Daddy, is not true.. Yes, we do miss him at home.. But now we have half of the bed to us and we share with mummy only.. LOL.. =P

So, mummy let the doctors & nurses at hospital take care of Daddy.. We wanted to take care of mummy, but haiz.. End up she is taking care of us, even when she is sick..

Zhu : All your fault lahz..

Bao : Sorry! I tot mummy want to go out mahz.. So i purposely pee outside of the pee tray and make a mess in the kitchen.. Promise will be gd..

Zhu & Bao : We wish that mummy and daddy get well soon.. That's all folks..

Monday, 22 June 2009

More Updates

I'm super happy that our gal is back and our family is whole again.. But i really just had this bad experience at the new vet clinic.. And lately, i've been feeling to get her had a follow up check at Mt Pleasant.. It's really my own opinion and feelings & services that i got at the new clinic, that makes me feel that Mt Pleasant is really better than it.. Before i went to the recent new clinic, i had been to 2 others that makes me change vet, one was at geylang (near paya lebar), the other was at simei, pet safari.. When i went to the Mt Pleasant i had not change a vet till recently, coz they really do their jobs and know almost everything (including receptionists).. But the emergency staffs not so good.. So everything has pro & con..

She is well and about.. The thing is, dogs dun always show injuries coz that's in their genes..

The kitchen where her pee trays are, is in a super big mess again.. Surprise! I did miss that mess when she was missing.. Zhu is a clean user, but Bao is a bobo shooter, always miss the pee tray when she urinates.. And Bao's urine is super a lot.. Haha.. So my hubby kinda comment that i'm sick to miss the mess..

She is shedding, so i had to sweep twice a day before i leave for work and when i return home..

She just ate some poo the other day, and guess what she did.. Surprise again.. I was lying in bed, watching TV with hubby, Zhu & Bao.. Bao had been licking my arm while i sayang her.. Guess she felt like sleeping le, so she left me and went to her sleeping corner on the bed.. She suddenly woke up and instead of jumping off the bed, she came to me and puke on me.. Yikes! She puke on my left chest & shoulder so my upper arm also kanna.. The best part was, the bed was clean and i had to take bath again.. My hubby witness the whole thing and was scolding her.. The vomit that she puke on me was all poo.. So imagine how smelly it was, in the air-con room..

Since her return, she had destroyed 2 pairs of shoes (mine), chewed up a new carpet, some of my bills, tissue papers, newspapers.. Even though i'm angry, i still love her.. Coz this was the way she had been since i adpoted her till the day i lost her..

So to those who thought we had wanted her back bcoz of what other forum members had said, it wasnt true.. The fact is we love her and without her, our family isnt whole.. Coz as you can read from here, our house is in fact cleaner and had less damages during the period we lost her.. But our house is a house and not a home.. Coz without a whole family, a house isnt a home..

Having her back, we really had to be prepared for new surprises everyday, but she is our ke ai and kawaii naughty little gal.. Haha..