Monday, 9 August 2010

Complains. .

Zhu: Cant stand the lift upgrading projects.. Coz i cant nap, due to the noise.. Also i have to be alert & guard the hse from those strangers.. What if they try to come in & grab my food away.. Worse, what if i'm their cup of tea & they grab me away..

Bao: Pls lahz, i'm cuter than you.. If they want to grab also grab me lohz..

Zhu: .... I'm fatter than you..

Bao: Everyone knows that..

Zhu: Can you let me blog finish before you butt in?! What i meant by i'm their cup of tea, isnt about how cute i m, but how delicious i look to them.. Some of the people do eat our kind k.. Do you get what i mean? And all this time, you slept like a pig..

Bao: Oh.. Sorry.. Like that i'm a bit worry, but i still can have my nap as usual..

Zhu: Y is that so?

Bao: Being next to you, i'm a lot safer.. I may look fat, but i'm actually slim, due to my double coat & fur.. So i have less meat.. If they want to grab they will choose you for sure.. Lol! Haha..

Zhu: -.-"

Woofing for Mummy.. Zhu growls at Bao..

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Fred said...

Zhuzhu pets?